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Root for March 25th, 2005

Today is another Greek root: the suffix -latry.

-Latry means "worship".

There are three parts to this root:

-latry: worship
-later: worshiper (or worshipper)
-latrous: worshiping (or worshipping)

Some examples of this root include:

Heliolatry: helio + latry = worship of the sun

Idolater: picture, icon + later = worshipper of pictures or icons

Theolatrous: theo + latrous = woshipping a god

Any other derivatives?
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Gynolater, a word I made up, but it makes sense.

Gyn (woman) + later = Gynolater, a worshipper of women.
Gynolatry: Worship of women.
Gynolatrous: Worshipping women.

Likewise, Androlater.

Andro (man) + later = Androlater, a worshipper of men.
Androlatry: Worship of men.
Androlatrous: Worshipping men.

And just for fun, cacolatry.

Caco (bad) + latry = Cacolatry, the worship of feces.
Cacolater: One who worships feces.
Cacolatrous: Worshipping feces. (Fun to use as an "intelligent" insult: "You cacolatrous idiot!")
You know you're #1.

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